Impact Measurement Tool

You can only manage what you can measure. We are making social impact visible, measurable and comparable.
Impact Measurement Tool is a unique impact platform and assessment tool for all organizations developing, managing or financing operations that strive towards societal impact, developed jointly by We Foundation and Wondershop.
Renewing social impact measurement
The current usability and accessibility of our Impact Measurement Tool, its data quality, the surveys and their standardization are a huge leap compared to how social impact measurement has generally been done.
Developed for real needs
Our Impact Measurement Tool was built to measure our own community house reach – how many kids were at risk of social exclusion, and impact – how their well-being changed after participating in the house program. Soon we discovered that there is a much wider market need for a digitalised solution for standardised impact assessment.

Impact measurement on three fronts

We aim to enable impact measurement and assessment on three fronts
among nonprofit operators
financiers such as cities or governments
private investors, such as investment banks that generate social financing instruments
Today, the Impact Measurement Tool is in pilot use with multiple open community houses in Finland. Together with We Foundation we are working on developing the tool further to serve also NGO financiers and private investors.

In the future, we see the tool working also as the 'impact back-end’ of our games.

Tool System

Member registration
Online member-registration tool with research-based background questions and well-being surveys.
Tool to facilitate community staff's resourcing decisions and communications efforts.
Well-being surveys
Tool to measure the improvement in member's well-being and connect it to the background and activity data.
Comprehensive tool to quantify and visualise reach, activity and impact at any time.