Our games promote problem-solving, collaboration and resilience

Wonderworld builds on the unique ability of games to create a sense of meaning, belonging and achievement.

A community game of its own genre

Project Wonderworld is a gaming experience that combines the magic of the digital realm with the physical world. Wonderworld is created by a team of game developers and educators to support kids’ collaboration, as well as the discovery and development of their own strengths and virtues.

Unlocking a portal between two worlds

Here's how it works: kids access the game world using a physical wristband. Different community spaces act as physical hubs where players carry out various tasks and complete quests individually or as a team, embracing collaboration and shared joys. Completing quests in the physical world allows kids to advance in the digital game, where they can grow their home building or customize the space shuttle that flies them between their home planet and the community planet. 

Encouraging meaningful play

Wonderworld promotes engagement, commitment and the development of crucial future skills such as creative thinking, social skills and entrepreneurship. The gaming experience is designed to be engaging and motivating by giving fun and imaginative rewards when kids succeed or exceed themselves. The game supports grit and persistence by rewarding kids when they are able to commit to a task for a longer period.

What’s the most memorable game you’ve ever played?

It might be a round of Monopoly with your family on a holiday – or maybe a card game with friends on a road trip or between classes. Or maybe it’s an intensive Fortnite battle with a group of people you’ve never met in real life. Regardless of the game, what most likely makes the experience memorable is that you played together with someone, were part of a group, and that you belonged.