Game Controller

We have developed a wearable touchpad game controller that grants players access to the digital world of wonders.
Players access the game world by scanning their wearable game controller when entering a game hub. The game controller is our custom-made, low-cost, simple yet smart, screenless device that combines accessibility, fun gaming experiences and controlled measuring of impact.
Wristband, necklace or keychain
The game controller is designed to be fun and imaginative – it can be worn around the wrist, as a necklace or a keychain. We’re looking to create the best game experience and are paying close attention to feedback from players.
Designed and manufactured inhouse
Both the game control and the scanning relay are our own creations, and we manufacture them in-house. We decided to build everything from scratch to guarantee our high quality needs for information security and impact measurement are met.
Wondrous way of gamifying reality.