Relocating to Helsinki? Tervetuloa!

Helsinki is known to be one of the game capitals of the world, but also for offering a high quality life in a human-sized package. Read below why we at Wondershop love it in here and how we’re planning to make your relocation in Helsinki as smooth as possible.

Hot game, tech and startup scene

Helsinki has a vivid tech and startup scene, and it has also emerged as the European capital of games over the past decade. One quarter of Finland’s game developers are foreign-born. At Wondershop you get immersed in the vibrant entrepreneurial vibe; we share (in our opinion) the city's absolutely best view and a stunning office with our family of Finland’s most coveted impact-driven companies and their brilliant brains. Our office family is well connected both in the industry in Finland and around the globe. Whoever you’d like to mentor with – we try to make it possible!

Good work-life balance

The work-life balance in Helsinki is second to none. Intensity levels of work are balanced with a good amount of downtime so that individuals can spend time with their loved ones and hobbies, and rewind from work. At Wondershop we do not only encourage our team to take care of their mental & physical wellbeing, but try to take a proactive and actionable role as an employer. We have flexible working hours, recreational benefits and possibility to take unwinding days to balance out stressful times. We provide mental coaching and are obsessed with excellent leadership. We are constantly trying out new ways to make sure our team has the tools and support to enjoy a balanced life.

Ease of living

In Helsinki things just work. Public transport is excellent, commutes are short and the society is well-functioning. You can just focus on living. At Wondershop we will help you get settled and walk with you through the few initial formalities. We make sure you’ll forget what it is to chase a random stamp from a registering office, to queue to get to the bank on time or to be doomed to spend hours in traffic just to get from office to home. Peeps with little humans at home enjoy the free world-class education and a right to a paid parental leave. 

Safe and clean

If you’re dreaming of living in one of the world’s cleanest and safest capitals, Helsinki might be just for you. Remember the classic lost wallet test? According to the recent study, out of all cities in the world, in Helsinki a wallet on the street is most likely returned to its owner or the lost and found office. Curiously enough, the wallet returner might actually be our president, who does grocery shopping in the neighborhood store without an army of bodyguards in tow. In addition to that, Wondershop’s unofficial clean air index, The How Black Is The Snoot Coming Out Of Your Nose After Breathing The City Air -rate, will also surprise you straight  & clear! 

Urban Nature

The city is surrounded by abundant nature as well as an archipelago of around 330 islands that are easily reached via ferry connections. Fun fact: 34 % of Helsinki is covered by forest. The Wondershop office is located in the epicenter of Helsinki, next to the big white church (Tuomiokirkko) you see in every post card of the city. That is just a hop skip and 5 minute walk away from the fresh sea wind and Helsinki Harbor. As a human-sized city, Helsinki makes it very convenient to move around – it takes 15 minutes to get to the romantic wooden barn buildings with a herd of moooohs lounging around in Viikki or to be riding your skateboard blinded by the coolest street art in Suvilahti.

Happiest country in the world

Finland has been named the happiest place on Earth for five years in a row. Finland is getting praised e.g. from freedom, good governance, and free healthcare and education systems as well as high levels of trust in the authorities and institutions. At Wondershop we believe that happiness is a summary of many things – including support at the not-so-happy moments. We are dedicated to making new colleagues feel adjusted, homey and happy so that you can join us in solving one of the world’s most complex problems with full steam.

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