Our Culture

We’ve set ourselves on a hefty task: building social equity globally through games and technology. We’re not there yet but we will get there as a team.

Who we are

We're a small team of bright minds united by the spark to contribute to a change bigger than ourselves. We strive to even out the differences the way we know best – through games and technology.

Core of Our Culture 

At Wondershop we approach our culture like we approach our work. Our daily work is driven by our values.


We’re all here to make something that has a lasting impact on people’s lives with what we think we do the best - from programming to art work and from writing to killing it on an Excel sheet.

Pushing forward

We’ve set the bar high for ourselves, and we think the only way forward is by constantly learning new and improving our work.

Perfectly imperfect

It’s never easy to make mistakes but that’s just part of the job – not to say life. We value the ability to tolerate our own incompleteness, and the fact that we don’t have it all figured out yet. We learn, back each other up and bounce back stronger.


We believe trust is the key to make us succeed. We trust in our team, in our diverse skills and areas of expertise as well as in giving our smart people the autonomy, tools and space they need to thrive.

Enjoying the ride

It’s wild but also fun to do something no one else dared to do yet. We’re enjoying every bit of the ride.

Come as you are

While we recognize we are still early in our journey, we are committed to build a diverse, equitable and inclusive workplace. To achieve a workplace of wonders, we need people of every ethnicity, social background, religion, gender, age, and disability – visible or invisible – or any marginalized attribute to feel welcomed and valued. A company where everyone can thrive and grow means that also our business thrives and the impact of our work grows.

Does Wondershop sound like a place for you? Tell us how you would bend the boundaries between digital and physical, and why would you like to do it with us.

Send your open application to careers@wondershop.org, and we’ll get back to you!